Tuesday, July 28, 2015

i Write: Life is Bittersweet

Aside from essays, I have also written several poems in the past, and here's one of them.  


Rising up to meet a brand new day;
Is something that will not forever stay.
We may be waking up today, yet still unsure to see tomorrow;
So it is best to laugh aloud now, before we die in sorrow.

We aspire for all the good things in life;
But life is imperfect and we cannot avoid strife.
When sufferings assail us, we call on God;

For He is our hope, our only life blood.

Let us remain contented of what we have;
Learn to understand and begin to love.
Let us have faith in ourselves and in our neighbor;

For a tranquil harvest of the fruits of our labor.

Let us try not to seek of what is not there;
Instead, embrace what we get and acknowledge that life is not at all times fair.
And no matter of the umpteen storms we will meet;
Stay calm, have courage and accept that life is bittersweet.


Original - Unedited: February 27, 2004 – in times of qualm

Live life to the fullest and Live in style, everyday!

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