Sunday, July 26, 2015


DESIGUAL is a casual clothing brand based in Barcelona, Spain.

Desigual has been unknown to me until my forever travel buddy gifted me a purse, which at the same time can be a sling bag, from his travel to Germany.  He bought this artsy bag from the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.  He knew that I love anything looking complicated but creative.  From then on, I have rummage around Cebu (and the Philippines) in hopes of finding Desigual fashion pieces.  Unfortunately in Cebu, Desigual is nowhere to be found in department stores and boutiques.  I found this brand though at NAIA 3 airport in Manila, but there I realized that the brand is quite pricey but indeed everything sold there had satisfied my cravings for art-meets-fashion.   What I love about Desigual is the endless showcasing of beautiful, ingenious prints that can be summed up in two words: clever and cool.  But still, I did not stop my hunt.  And then one day, in one of my thrift-store hopping junkets, I found a treasure, a long lost one...the Desigual sweater.  My heart skipped a bit as my Desigual bag had finally found its match.  See below photos, to see how I styled my Desigual pieces.   I am actually still in hunt mode for anything Desigual.

sweater & sling bag - Desigual / shoes- Belongse' / sunglasses - G. Country Mall

Live in style, everyday!

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