Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When Summer Is Over

I've been quite in fashion hiatus for weeks, blame it to my uber busy day job workload, which I'm honestly giving it more priority than anything else lately.

I did miss doing outfit posts.  Glad to have found these  pictures which I thought I have already posted.
The outfit's theme is black and white and print on print and hints of bright hues.  This picture was taken summertime.  I certainly miss the sun's glaring rays which never fail to complement my needs for natural light for my photo shoots.

 On to the outfit - oops, I hate the lips! - trending here is my all-time favorite color combo BLACK and WHITE and print on print mode. The thick black portion on the waist of the blouse gives a cinched look and doubles as to give an illusion of having a belt on the waist.  Top and the cullotes are available at CHIC VINTAGE.

Worn with hybrid shoes - pumps+ankle length bootie, and neon beaded bracelets made by my officemate's 12-year old daughter.

This cube bag is really cute, I hope you agree with me.  It's also for Sale at CHIC VINTAGE.

I have been hooked with TV series and movies last summer, and here's my most favorite:

 I've completed first season of CW's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  Love Vin-Cath chemistry! Watch out for season two this fall still at CW!
 Here's what made me pre-occupied during the night after doing all-day hard labor at work,  I still have the luxury of time to squeeze into my daily schedule, interrupting somehow my supposed standard number of sleeping hours.  PIN ANONG - a 22-episode Thai series.  I got so overly in loved with the chemistry of the main characters, not to mention the good looks of both of them.

The powerful characters that gave me more under eye dark circles but happy mornings, that I get to blab to my friends at work every time i finished one to two episodes per night.
 JAY RYAN as VINCENT in Beauty and the Beast


and the only movie that I watched 3 times last summer, and not even clicking the fast-forward button (which I frequently do to all movies prior to completely watching them) is:
I had so much fun with the lead character zombie: "R" (Nicholas Hoult)
He looked better as a zombie than in his latest role as Jack in Jack the Giant Slayer.

Till next time!

Happy Independence Day!

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