Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Color Teal

I am not a fan of the color green, but one of its shade do catches my attention.  Familiar with Teal?  Yes, i find this shade of green quite interesting and elegant.  Hence, I obviously can tolerate it.  

The photos below would show that I am now into teal.

I hope I can update more constantly.  I miss doing outfit shots, styling, photo shoots and anything that will help me unwind daily stresses from my day job.
Somehow, dressing up on Wednesdays, uplifts my mood, but sadly, it's just once a week that I can do that.   And another thing, I've gained weight since I have less physical activities for the past three months. :(

Have a happy weekend.  
Are you in to teal?
Share your stories.

teal dress - Chic Vintage; wedge - Cony; sunglasses / hat - Chic Vintage
lace top - White Gold; polka dot pants - Chic Vintage; wedge - InStyle; sunglasses - Chic Vintage
teal stretch pants - G.SRP / denim cropped jacket - Chic Vintage
accessories - sighStyles; silver sneakers - Juice at SM

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