Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sigh Style Tips: How To Dress-up A Shirt

Sigh Style Tip for the Day:
How to Dress-up A T-Shirt?

The t-shirt is the everyday go-to upper garment and it is mostly paired with denim jeans or shorts.  
But how will you wear your t-shirt in an uber chic way?

Put on your shirt, choose any print skirt which flows few inches above your knee, accessorize, then your good to go!  Make sure to enjoy what your wearing and your outfit will certainly glow.

 I'm putting on a black fitted shirt from Guess and paired it with my balloon floral print skirt.  I raised the skirt, few centimeters above my waist, just to leave a few inches of the skirt from the tip of the shirt to give it more bloom.  

 Cinched the shirt with a belt.  To give a unique appeal on the look, I hanged artfully my necklace on the belt instead of wearing it simply on my neck.

Completed the look with my fringe wedge that I purchased during my trip in Hong Kong.  It added a matchy feel as color of the shoes matches with the belt's color.  The polaroid sunglasses is a plus!

Try it! 
And share to me your own fashion experiment!
Email me at and will certainly post your versions here in my blog and in my styling account in fb.

black top - Guess / floral print skirt - Chic Vintage / fringe wedge - Kay-Hong Kong / polaroid sunglasses - E-mall / pink belt - Y.R.Y.S. / stone necklace, used as belt accessory - bazzar find / black bead bracelet - Chic Vintage

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