Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Warm Colors for the Warm Weather

Who says you can't wear uber warm colors for summer? 

Colors like red and black, plus a bit of silver, who loves to wear them on summer?
Wearing warm colors under the burning heat of the sun is such a challenge.  Have you tried it?
It was fun at the first few minutes, but as I began to sweat, I then felt the heat coming both from the sky and from the grounds.  As I absorbed the heat, I later felt that the extreme heat was transformed into something cold.  Science do tell us that our own body is capable of activating its own cooling system once exposed to extreme elevated temperatures.  And I did experienced that.

about the outfit:
red knit dress - sigh's closet / black sheer top - Chic Vintage / black-silver fabric belt - sigh's d-i-y / black-silver sequined flats - Syrup for People R People / hat - cyEcle for Chic Vintage / sunglasses - G. Country Mall

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