Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Peg: Greek Sun Goddess

My Peg:
Greek "Sun" Goddess

Though my version is somewhat hip , contemporary and kinda less like a goddess ('cause have you seen a goddess lurching on a pair of rubber slippers and wearing sunnies?), but as white and gold come together, somehow the color combination of my outfit  becomens an instant reminiscent of one of the many goddesses of Greek mythology.

I only knew Aphrodite but there's  lot of them as I read in this list.

Soaked myself under the sun's scorching heat, I'm the sun goddess anyway, lol.

I'd like to say my inspiration is the early Sun goddess Alectronathough not much is said about her .
But some sources says, Medusa is the Greek sun goddess.  Now I'm torn.

But aside from Greek sun goddess, there's a number of sun goddesses from other parts of the world, see here.

This oversized white top, worn as dress, is available at Chic Vintage.

So do you have any favorite goddess?
about the outfit:
white oversized top with gold embellishments - Chic Vintage / gold belt - sigh's closet / slippers with gold dusts - sigh's closet / nude shorts - sigh's closet / sunglasses - G, Country Mall

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