Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shoe for October 2011

It has been quite sometime since my last post about my shoe purchases.  I skipped on buying new pairs the last few months since I have had more "essential" expenses other than indulging in my fetish ( i just so love shoesss, and just can't get enough ). 

Here it is...
a wedge, in black patent leather and fuchsia (like it too much) insole.  
It looks quite chunky but it is super light-weight.  It's from MKNY, btw.  

 Originally at PhP 999 but was on sale and it was a good find at PhP 400

Worn it with my "paint-splashed" leggings bought at SM and sheer top from my closet.

This is my first time to wear and actually own a pair of footwear from MKNY. 
I'm researching about MKNY's history, I believe this is a Pinoy-designed/made brand.  However, I find it quite difficult to learn more about it.  I can't find links to their official website, hoping there is one.

Good night everyone!

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