Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot Pink, as Hot as the Sun's Heat

How the color pink comes to its hue?
If we play with water or oil paints,
pink is produced when red is blended with white, simple as that.

I used to be a rooter of pink but,
gone were the days when I can afford to go head to toe with it.

I still do at times find this color in my closet since,
it's pretty cute and gives that feminine vibes.

the pink pallete
via wikipedia
common connotations of the color
girls, love, health, breast cancer awareness, fairies, Valentine's Day, spring, easter, beauty, cuteness, glamour

Here's me:  donning the warmest version of pink

 wearing: hot pink top worn as cardigan - thrifted; light blue racerback - rando;, black ribbed fitted pants - random; hot pink faux Roxy heeled thongs - Shanghai China find; turquoise necklace - Shanghai, China find; black watch - Nike

the wikipedia gives you array of pink shades

Are you a fan of pink?

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