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Bangkok Diary 10-2014: Day 5 - Shopping in Victory Monument

Morning of Day 5 of our Bangkok trip last October 2014 was scheduled for shopping in Victory Monument!

How to get to Victory Monument?
via BTS Skytain - from National Stadium Station of Silom Line, transfer to Sukhumvit Line at the Siam Station going to Mo Chit, then just take a stop at the station of the same name: Victory Monument.

Me, looking really happy and excited for a day of shopping awaited for me. (f.y.i. - i love to shop).  We woke up again early to maximize our remaining hours in Bangkok, since our flight then was on the midnight of the following day.

 That pointed structure is the Victory Monument.
Victory Monument (Thaiอนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ, Anusawari Chai Samoraphum) is a large military monument in BangkokThailand. The monument is located inRatchathewi District, northeast of central Bangkok, at the center of a traffic circle at the intersection of Phahonyothin RoadPhaya Thai Road, andRatchawithi Road. via the wikipedia

The streets outside of the rotunda of the Victory Monument was a street market by day, I am not so sure if it runs till midnight.  Clothes, which were priced very affordably, as compared to the night market in Siam, were sold on the streets and the sight of them made me press my hyperactive-shopping-self button.  Several stalls sold all kinds of goodies from cheap accessories, bags, lingerie and even street foods.

 A number of shops were located underneath the BTS skywalk.  But if you continue traversing the area, you can also find several department stores and bazaar type of malls which you can shop til you drop, such as the Fashion Mall Shopping Center and  Center One Shopping Complex.

Clothes and more clothes...

This outdoor bazaar located underneath the BTS Victory Monument’s Skywalk is jam-packed with Chatuchak-style shopping stalls and food vendors. Catering to working-class Thais and university students, the collection of clothing and fashion accessories on sale here is no different from those you will find at street-side stalls throughout Bangkok. After sunset, a lineup of makeshift bars offers cheap drinks, such as bucket cocktails and local beers. If you are in the area to catch a van or bus out of town, Victory Point will keep you entertained.
  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 21:00 (shopping stalls)

The Belongse brand of shoes. Back here in Cebu, a month after this trip, I saw pairs of Belongse flats sold in one of the department stores in Colon.  But the shoes' prices were 3 times more expensive than its price there in Bangkok.

Soi Roy Ran

Occupying the first floor of what used to be Center One shopping complex, Soi Roy Ran is an air-conditioned indoor shopping bazaar. Like its name suggests (meaning 100 shops), it houses an extensive lineup of single-unit shops selling everything from woman’s fashion to hair accessories, leather bags, shoes, high heels and even nurses’ uniforms. Most shops cater their collections exclusively to women, although there are a few T-shirt shops as well.
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
My shopping experience at the street markets and various fashion centers of Victory Monument was one catchy feat.  I have purchased a number of fashion pieces which I really liked.  Definitely this shopping spot deserves to be explored, enjoyed and shared to all shopaholics.  

On your next trip to Bangkok, be sure to wander through Victory Monument!

Travel, go shopping, and Live in style, everyday!

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