Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Long Weekend That Was - Part One

September 9, 2010
We brought our nieces to a park in Talisay City called Crocolandia.  As the name implies, it was packed with crocodiles and a lot of reptiles and members of the avian family.

our favorite baby, Mariah Arabella

while my niece was oh so scared...
I was having fun with this dead croc

the real thing...

on me:
Fashion Experiment
BeeBee magenta top underneath a 
thrifted sleeveless collared (textile made in Japan) printed blouse worn as an oversized vest
black twill shorts
black shoelace with purple heart prints worn as a belt
pink Roxy heeled slippers with printed satin thong
black sling bag

Have you seen real crocodiles?

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  1. Ah, I love this post. I love crocodiles and now I really want to visit this place.How fun! I like your picture where its eating your foot! Laughtrip!

    I just wanted to add a thank you for linking to our blog on your sidebar. We happily link you back!

    Bea from A plus B