Sunday, September 12, 2010

Color Coordination - Melon + Peach + Black

The night after we went to the crocs-land, 
me and my 'partner-in-crime' ran errands for our mother.
We went to my workplace to send some 'stocks' from my twentysevenchic collection to my friend who did volunteer to sell my items on my behalf ( and of course, we had a business agreement).  Another post will explain what this is all 'bout. Then we went to do some grocery shopping and then had our car washed at a local Carwash station.

This post is sort-of about the outfit I donned that night.  

Fashion Experiment:
it's like boy meets girl
I was trying to break the 'feminism' by donning a black pedal pushers and portraying masculine poses

apologizing for the blurry effects

on me:
thrifted sheer melon peach top with beautiful-perfect details, black pedal pushers, Leaveland pale pink flats with black faux gems

love this blouse because of the perfectly-chosen melange of details

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