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Bumped into this site and saw SuriCruise stylishly dressed.
She stands out from among the array of Hollywood female offsprings.
See how she has grown into a lovely princess.

The daughter of Cruise and Holmes, Suri, commonly called "TomKitten" by the media, was born April 18, 2006, at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.
There was controversy surrounding the name "Suri" and what the couple stated its meaning to be. The Los Angeles Times summarized the written statement Cruise released on the birth as saying the name "is a word with origins in both Hebrew and Persian. In Hebrew, it means 'princess' and in Persian, 'red rose,' it was claimed in the release"In the Persian community, Suri is a girl's name meaning "red". However, magazines and blogs noted Cruise's mistranslation of the Hebrew meaning of "Suri.   In Arabic, along with Hebrew, Suri actually means "from Syria", not "princess". The wrong etymology might stem from the fact that Suri is a Yiddish pet form of Sarah, which means "princess."
Before Holmes gave birth to her daughter, media outlets questioned the authenticity of Holmes's pregnancy.After she was born, Suri's birth certificate was found to contain some incorrect information.Then, when there were no images of the infant for a few months, people questioned the actual existence of a child, which continued until the first images of Suri were published in Vanity Fair.  

in pretty polka dots

like her style,
reminds me of me (lol! --- leggings and more leggings)
she looks like a gossip girl in the making
hot silver liquid leggings and gold peeptoes
She will always be daddy's liitle girl.

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I am now a follower of Suri Cruise fashion blog.

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