Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hide that Legs, Dress-up that Body

Since my discovery with leggings, I have never stopped embracing them. 
They're so functional, giving comfort and ease in my movements. 
I wish I could wear leggings to work everyday since my job is not sedentary and I in direly need to don comfortable clothes to make it through the day. 
But sad to say, I'm stuck with no other option
but to obey company rules and wear those uniforms.
I love to pair my leggings with dress-tops or simply short dresses.
( i guess i already own a dozen of  leg-'hiders' as i call it since it basically conceals flaws in my legs)
dress-blouse + leggings = another staple ensemble for C.L.E.A.N. Fashion

on me:
plaid dress-top; black rose stretch belt; black textured leggings; electric blue studded pointed flats; Seguie midnight blue sling bag bought in Milan, Italy; necklace with crystal-embellished leaf pendant, beaded bracelets -gifts; black Nike watch gift from London

on me:
two-tone black top; gray butterfly stretch belt; plaid gray leggings; 
gray studded pointed flats; sling bag

on me:
lavender dress-top with lace-tulle trimmings; eggplant leggings; Voir white wedge bought in Sydney, Australia; Swatch 'Cozy Balloons' watch bought in Geneva, Switzerland
on me:
two-tone empire dress-top; black textured leggings;
Voir white wedge bought in Sydney, Australia;
faux purple-pink crystal headband worn as necklace; 8-crystal Chinese bracelets

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