Monday, May 3, 2010

Daily Servings

On regular days when I feel 'dressing-down', I prefer to be in my jeans (straight cuts and skinny) and random feminine tops. 
 Since I am quite new to this thing called blogging, I am to post pictures taken few months or few years back. Here's a peek of my daily servings of denims and tops,
pictures reflecting my C.L.E.A.N. Fashion Advocacy.

on me:
C-olor coordination (gold & black combo)
black empire top with gold belt; skinny jeans; gold wedge; black and gold oversized woven bag; wooden bangle 
on me:
C-olor coordination (see silver print on shirt and silver strap of slipper)
orange L-O-V-E shirt; skinny jeans; silver-white slippers; sling bag

on me:
L-ess is more
black empire top with black rose stretch belt; skinny jeans; faux pearl rosary necklace; white Shooz  wedge with bow and gold details

on me:
C-olor coordination
straight-cut jeans; light blue racerback underneath a blue-rose print blazer

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