Sunday, April 4, 2010


i'm fond of K-pops and K-drama
(i'm lately hooked with My Fair Lady - check out the main lady character's outrageous elite)
and so even their fashion of LAYERING...

Quoting from on Korean fashion:

For instance, one distinct feature of Korean street fashion is layering. Some people say they got it from New Yorkers. But no matter where they got it from, layering is an important feature of Korean fashion not just because it looks good but also because Korea is a temperate country. They need to layer their clothes to keep their body warm, just like other people in temperate regions.

When i go to work, i have these 'outdoor' and 'indoor' clothes. 
I have 2 tops most of the time, and a max. of three.
More clothes for me means more security and protection
 --from flatulence--
lol :-)
whatever purpose we may have, LAYERING is one fashion to stay and will be personally patronized
and is a staple as well of C.L.E.A.N. Fashion
on me:
empire black top with lace details and sleeves underneath a thrifted gray  sheer cover-up, black skinny pants
on me:
leopard print top with black sequin details, thrifted blazer with gold buttons & zipper details, black skinny pants, black oversized Belladona bag, faux gold necklace with faux colored stones

a 2008 pic, manifesting my love for layering

on me:
my fave cropped hooded 'rock-n-roll' jacket, yellow tee underneath a thrifted striped yellow-grey-black knit oversized vest, black leggings and plaid flats

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