Sunday, August 7, 2016

Going Bananas and Stripes

I love wearing colorful, printed dresses which reminds me of summer.  The BANANA prints impart that tropical vibes.  But I what I love doing more is wearing these dresses with my trusted black leg warmers underneath.  

Here's me on one of my favorite go-to outfit, out and about the metro doing some errands and some trifling dates in between.

What I Wore:
dress -HM.Luscious / black leggings - G. Fiesta Mall / fuchsia flats - MNG / bag - Kate Spade / sunglasses - G. Country Mall / bracelets - SM Kids Accessories / earrings - gifted by my sister's friend

Another love of mine is discovering new fashion brands.  The dress I am wearing is one creation by HM.LUSCIOUS.  I love the perfect mix of femininity and quirkiness in their designs and that generous selection of saturated hues is a bonus.  

Live in style, everyday!

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