Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trend Alert: S/S 2016 - Turban

Turban days are here again!

Spring and summer days are fast approaching and trend alerts are knocking on our doors, ringing on our phones and flooding our social media notifications.

 I like reading for trend alerts for all seasons of the year.  

Here's my take on one of the season's Hair Accessory Trend: TURBANS

Here's a brief history about Turbans via the wikipedia.

turban (from Persian دولبند‌, dulband; via Middle French turbant) is a type of headwearbased on cloth winding. Featuring many variations, it is worn as customary headwear, usually by men. Communities with prominent turban-wearing traditions can be found in the Indian SubcontinentAfghanistan,South Asia the Arabian Peninsula, the Near East,North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, and parts of the Swahili Coast.
The origins of the turban are uncertain. Early Persians in modern Iran and Phrygians in modern Turkey wore a conical cap (Phrygian cap) encircled by bands of cloth, which historians have suggested was developed to become the modern turban, but other theories suggest it was first widely worn in Egypt. An early attestation for knowledge of the turban is found in the Roman author Ovid's Metamorphoses, dating to the 1st century BC.

Why do people wear turban? Well aside from making it as a fashion accessory for the hair, there are more important and valid reasons why this is being done by people.  

All Sikh Gurus since Guru Nanak have worn turbans. However, covering one's hair with a turban was made an official policy by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. The main reasons to wear turban are to take care of the hair, promote equality, and preserve the Sikh identity.

What I Wore:
gold turban - Choies ( // top and skirt - Palacio de Fashion // gold t-strap mary janes - Janilyn  // watch and gold stretch belt - G. Country Mall Department Store // sunglasses - SM Kids Department Store // pearl accessory earrings - Siam Street Night Market, Bangkok // "love" bracelet - Ayala Alabang Town Center

What I Wore:
black turban - Choies ( // yellow embroidery top - Palacio de Fashion // stretch pants - White Gold Department Store // yellow embellished shoes - LandMark Department Store, Makati // stretch belt - SM Ladies Department Store // sunglasses - SM Kids Department Store // pearl accessory earrings - Siam Street Night Market, Bangkok // pearl accessory necklace - Choies (

Live in style, everyday!

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