Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shoe Review: Katie Judith and Chinese Laundry

My penchant for shoes runs incessantly.  There's so much to like and love and definitely buy in shoe shops.  I am doing a review of my shoe purchases last year.  What I love about these pairs is that the brands are new to my ears and to my knowledge.  So I did a slim research about the brands.

KATIE JUDITH is founded in 2009 and is one of the distinctive brands owned by I.T Group which targets to explore styles in hard-edge glamorous rock. With the aim of bringing inspirational young casual wear, it focuses on exploring cutting-edge silhouettes and spiced up with rock and sexy details, such as distressed fabrics, washed denim and lace, touching up with military studs and snaps, all together to project an edgy, sexy and powerful image.

It was sort of the "Great Hong Kong" sale at the CITYGATE OUTLET. People were hyperactively shopping from one boutique to the other.  I blended in to the crowd and my last ultimate target store to shop is I.T.  I am intrigued to what this store has to offer, I haven't researched about it so the thought of entering and rummaging to the everything-is-on-sale at the shop was a challenge.

Upon sight of this unique and pretty pair, I fell in love right away. The brand Katie Judith was unknown to me at the time of purchase.  The original price in the tag was really spendy at 899 HKD, since it cost this much so I assumed quality is good,  Well, looking at the craftsmanship and the materials used, I was confident that my splurge is really worth it.  But I did not spend that much since the item was at 70% off, a treasure find right?

Opening Hours:Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
Payment method:Cash / Credit Card

CHINESE LAUNDRY was launched in 1981 and was founded by Robert and Carol Goldman, and is a privately held women's footwear company. From its beginnings as a shoe manufacturer selling to mass merchants, the company has steadily expanded its influence in the fashion footwear industry. 

With groundbreaking styles season after season, Chinese Laundry lives at the forefront of fashion footwear for young women. Chinese Laundry is the perfect expression of its signature combination of outstanding quality and value with a unique and inspired point of view. From stylish daytime looks in innovative fabrics and leathers to evening collections in eye-catching metallics and satins, Chinese Laundry consistently provides a mix of styles and trends that are ideal for today’s fashion landscape.

What I love about this pair is the simple, yet elegant style and the color combination is a double "C" for classy and chic.  One more thing, this was on sale too at 50% off from Php 2,999.00

Chinese Laundry is available at the ladies shoe department store in SM City Cebu.

What's your latest shoe purchases? Share your stories, ladies!

Live in style, every day!

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