Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Heart Pullover - Burgundy Sheer

With the color of the vehicle in my background, I have actually blended in.  I am quite loving the burgundy color, or we can call it maroon, as what we (or maybe just me) were more familiar with and have known before the name marsala have surfaced.

I was fully elated to have scored another pullover which was in a color that I am indulging lately and in a style which expresses a romantic-feminism combo. Since I couldn't dare to strut in sheer so underneath the pullover was the peplum hem top to make the knit sheer appear as a long blouse.

The pearl accessories and the embellished peep-toes completes the ultra-chic look.

What I Wore:
sheer knit pullover -Handbook  / black peplum hem top - Forming / denim straight pants - Forever 21 / peep-toe shoes - Mags / pearl earrings - gifted by my mom / pearl necklace and bracelet accessories - Sigh Styles / sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall

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