Thursday, July 9, 2015

i Travel - Bohol

This post is still in connection with my previous travel post in Bohol, particularly at Sagbayan Peak.  To be honest, this is one of my several delayed postings for the past few months.  

I am sharing tonight the photos that I have captured from my trip to Bohol last April of this year.

 The non-commercialized, local beach of my mom's hometown in Bohol is a constant venue for reconnecting with nature and pondering one's life while fronting a vast view of infinity represented by the deep blue ocean that is seemingly subtle but knowingly perilous.

 A few of nature's surprises, the shy crustacean.

 Capturing shadow silhouettes in the absence of tripods and photographer.

 Seizing priceless joy of unclouded adolescence.

 That fruit food called BANANA.

 Oh, meet the dinosaur that greets every tourists at Sagbayan Peak.

and there's a Tiger too at Sagbayan Peak in Bohol.

I can't get enough of this dinosaur.

The two pictures of dilapidated churches (above and below) are the ruins and melancholic remains of the tremendous earthquake that hit the entire province of Bohol, and even included Cebu, on 2013.

 The beautiful plants from my mom's garden in Bohol.

These beautiful various species of MAYANA (Coleus blumei) , or Painted nettle in English, are grown and taken cared of by my aunt, my mom's youngest sister.

 One of the many adopted kittens at our house in Bohol.  

 F.Y.I. - i love Cats!

A trip to Bohol is never complete without a sight of this one-of-its-kind creature, native to Bohol, - the  PHILIPPINE TARSIER (Carlito syrichta)!

See you soon Bohol!
Do come back for my next post about Bohol during my trip last May 2015.  Watch out for it.

Travel and Live in style, everyday!

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