Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Relax, It's Just Fashion

The title of this post is inspired by one of Star Cinema's movie this year entitled Relaks, It's Just Pag-Ibig.  F.Y.I., I am not promoting the movie, I just like how the title sounds and how it will fit to what I am about to share in this post.  

Fashion-wise, 2014 has been a year for the revival of my love for dressing-up.  But, there are those days where I tend to wear a more r-e-l-a-x-e-d fashion.  Here's how I dress-up in my most "relaxed" mode.

Loose clothing is always associated with relaxed/comfy fashion.  Loose clothing ultimately gives you all the freedom for movement. 

Donning a mishmash of clothes also defines the slacken state of dressing-up.

Wearing easy-breezy outfit is a de-stressing activity.

Being nonchalant is the simplest and most basic expression of a relaxed attitude even in fashion.

T-shirts gives that instant unbending appeal. When paired with the right bottoms, the look becomes effortless but still chic.

Before the year ends, let me share to you how satisfying and heart-warming  it is to be able to share what we love to those who deserve to receive it.

Part of my being into fashion is the fact that there is a non-stop accumulation of anything wearable. With the buildup of clothing in my closet,  I decided to share them with those girls I saw at our church on Sundays.  On my birthday last November, I finally handed them down my dresses, tops, bottoms and some accessories.  Since it was my birthday, I also gave them pastries and drinks for their afternoon snacks.

There are 29 girls ages 11-20 at Saint Mary Euphrasia Training Center in San Roque Talisay City.  Though I was not able to personally meet them, but seeing the photo below made my heart gasp for breath as I felt so happy to have shared  a portion of my love for fashion.

Today, December 31, 2014 marks the last day of the year 2014.  See, how time flies so fast.  365 days done and gone.  And few hours from now, we will be welcoming another brand new year to enjoy and live.  Happy New Year in advance and I look forward to a more fashionable year for all the ladies who love and live fashion.

Live in style, everyday!

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