Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bangkok Photo Diary 01-2014

I have talked much about my favorite place outside my country in my other blog.  The said blog focuses more on my styling stints and sort of also a travel diary.

I am the type of person who dislike repetitions, like if I watch a movie, one full session is more than enough.  Though there are excemptions like the Hunger Games series and of course, the Lakorns from Thailand.  Yes, I am always amaze with Thailand primarily because I am now a fan of their local artists (as in actors / actresses) and that last January of this year, I opted for Bangkok than anywhere else in the world to enjoy my holidays with my favorite - and forever -  travel buddy.  

My recent trip to their country is no longer my first, but my third...and my fingers are counting.

I will share to you the places we went, the foods we ate, the outfits I wore , the people (person) we met during the latest trip.  The photos are randomly ordered.  More photos and with more talks about this trip HERE.

Enjoy Amazing Thailand! 

 Overlooking Chao Phraya river through Wat Arun
The gigantic Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
Inside the compound of Wat Pho, wearing black and white chessboard print maxi dress (available at Cyecle - SOLD!) underneath a black chiffon studded bolero + gray dye sneakers and polaroid sunglasses

XXL-sized seafoods that looks like a hybrid of shrimp-lobster sold at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

R&R at Chatuchak Park after a whole day shopping at the adjacent popular weekend shopping arena
A gigantic work of art on one of the walls of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre - BACC

 The free EST soda that I got from a promotional parade at Chatuchak Weekend Market.
 Such an accomplishment - having to meet and greet (sort of a one-way communication) WEIR SUKOLLAWAT KANAROS.
 One of the colossal photos, my favorite since the cat in the photo looks like my baby cat Tinky Winky
 My spicy lunch at Chatuchak Weekend Market.
 Posing at one of the pillars of Wat Arun

 The painted walls of BACC.  Done by the children of Bangkok for the National Children's Day celebration.
Wearing black and white layers, plus black leggings and gray dye sneakers.
Another gigantic creative masterpiece at BACC.
 SIAM street at night.
The many  buddhas at Wat Pho.
My ice-cold soda at Pepper Lunch.
 WEIR SUKOLLAWAT at Wat Phraek for the National Children's Day celebration.
a photo of Thailand's combat sport / martial arts - Muay Thai
 A must-try in Thailand, specifically at Chatuchak Weekend Market - ROASTED PORK!
 What I wore in Chatuchak Weekend Market:
Pink + Blue and a cute carnation turban plus Polaroid sunnies, worn with rubber slippers for comfortable walks and oversized tote for shopping goodies
 Photo shoot? at Wat Pho
On our way to Wat Arun, these monkeys greeted us.  These are the famous symbols for Buddhism.
Taken at Wat Pho compound.
 My forever favorite donuts - MISTER DONUTS!! only at Bangkok, Thailand.
 WEIR and the kids, enjoying the show and the games.
 My favorite BUFFET restaurant in Bangkok - SHABUSHI by Oishi.
Conquered my fear of heights at Wat Arun  - a good memory to keep but a bad experience not worthy for second-round.

Hope you enjoyed my trip in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Goodnight ladies! 

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