Sunday, December 1, 2013

1 Dress, 2 Ways

Here's how to maximize one piece of fashion to come up two wearable looks.

Black spandex dress with lace peplum torso from Forever 21. This dress is gifted by my sister from her trip from the U.S.A.

 Worn it as a full dress, accessorized with a silver stretch belt and paired it with a silver studded flats.

By tradition, my parents would not allow us to wear all-black ensemble.  For this piece to be worn, I have to wear it with something else.

 This animal print pencil skirt is another gift from my sis from her recent trip.  Worn the skirt over the dress and the look becomes a two-piece outfit. 
 And the sunnies from XOXO is yet another gift from my sister.

Hope you learn something from today's fashion tips.

Happy Sunday!

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