Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Yesterday's Fashionable Outfit: Little Dress in Red and White

It was 27th of November of the year, and it was my birthday.  How old I am now? You guess.  Anyway, since that day, I realized that I am not into the "OOTD" thing.  Since I am always delayed with my posts nor active daily with my other social network accounts, so I came up with my own hashtag, my own version of ootd.  I named it #myfo for My Yesterday's Fashionable Outfit.  Yesterday would not necessarily mean the day before today.  It may be an outfit I wore 2 days ago or weeks ago  may have really forgotten to share it to you.
So here's my very first take of my new hashtag.  

#MYFO No.1 
Me, wearing the Little Dress in Red and White stripes.
This is what I wore to work during my birthday.  I opted for a hint of red to somehow remind everyone of the office that it was my special day. Big smiles.

I bought this dress at MBK in Bangkok, Thailand.  I fell in love with it right away.

And since I cannot showcase my legs at work, hence, I went with my  all-time favorite staple leggings to cover them up. 
Put on also my cropped blazer to add a touch of a "corporate" look.  Plus the suede wedge to complete and complement the outfit.

And hey, I looked up with my polaroid sunnies in silver lens.

Apology for the super grainy photos.  As I was in haste to go to work, so my good old digicam had to take it.

Hope you got some tips on how to dress-up a little dress in red and white stripes  for your birthdays or even for an ordinary day.

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