Friday, May 4, 2012

Music and Lyrics: Girl in Blue

There are several songs with titles that can be associated with the words "girl" / "lady" and "blue" and my list had just started:

Girl in Blue
sung by Reverend Horton Heat
I have just heard how this song goes (here), hmm, not my type of music but the lyrics did sort of captured my attention.  

Lady in Blue
sung by Tori Amos
Haven't heard yet of this song.

Girl Blue
sung by Stevie Wonder
Seems like a sad song.

Beautiful Lady in Blue
sung by Jan Garber
I'm quite learning to appreciate the lyrics of this song.

Here's the lyrics of song no. 4

Ev'ryone loves a love story told of a maid and a man
But listen to my love story, it ended before it began.

A beautiful lady in blue, we met just like two shadows do,
Not one word was said, she kiss'd me and fled and our little romance was thro'.

A beautiful lady in blue, she thought i was someone she knew,
Her lips so divine were not meant for mine, the night seem'd to laugh at us too.

How did i know she was lovely? There wan't a moonbeam a-glow.
How would i know there's a haven unless my heart told me so?

A beautiful lady in blue, and strange as it may sound to you,
A lifetime was spent in one little moment with a beautiful lady in blue. 

Lady in Blue
sung by Joe Dolan
A song of love and of chance/s in love.

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