Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Wide Leg Pants Story

Fashion Lesson:

Pants as we know are a 2 piece garment that is worn at the hips and which extends the length of the leg, in two separate pieces. 
Pants are known by different names in different countries but the word pants and trousers are the most common. 
In countries like south Africa, Canada and America it is known as pants 
and in England they are known as trousers. 

At one time pants were known as simply as trousers and in the old days in Europe, trousers were worn only by men. It remained that way for a long time until the 20th century when women started doing manual labor and it was decided that wearing trousers for work was more practical. That was how pants or trousers became a unisex piece of clothing.
Trousers in some shape or form went in and out of style in Europe for a long time. But before the Europeans, ancient Persians and Chinese wore trouser like clothing. It was generally worn when riding horses because of its practicality and was usually only worn during warfare.
Through out European history we see the use of pants, but the current popularity of wearing pants goes back only to the late 16th century. These pants or trousers are the direct descendant of men\’s hose that was worn in the 15th century. The reason why trousers and pants are plural is because it used to be treated as 2 pieces of clothing.

Today the market is flooded with different types and models of trousers. They can be made from a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, nylon-cotton blend, wool- nylon blend, corduroy and son. One such design that is popular today is the wide leg pants. It is in a way and answer to very tight pants. It is designed for the person that does not want to show their figure too much. 
about the outfit:
wide leg pants - Chic Vintage / floral top - sigh's closet / cork wedge - Connie / sunglasses - Forever XXI / necklace - Iora

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