Sunday, February 26, 2012

Music and Lyrics: Summertime

I am currently reviving my favorite tunes from some years ago.
Heard of the song, Summertime by Beyonce? I love it's beat and the lyrics too.

Out of all the guys that approach me
Walking up to me like they know me
You were the one that stood aside
Waited a while and took your time
You dont know how impressing
Your curiosity was to me
It was the fourth day of july
Looked in my eyes and saw that I

I wanted more than just a man
I needed a friend
Someone I could talk to
Someone who' really listen
When you touched my hand
The sun got brighter then
Trusting you I close my eyes
And felt our love begin

It was the summertime (when we fell in love)
It was the summertime (when heaven shined on us)
It was the summertime (baby there is nothing like the)
Summertime, summertime

Now it's been a year and we're closer
Fall in love again when I hold ya
I know that God set you aside
For me and now you are my prize
Wanna grow old with ya
Fill our house with your pictures
Have a son for you
A little girl for me
Together we'll raise a family

about the outfit:
tangerine balloon skirt - bazaar find / black long top - Best Buy / tangerine print top - Chic Vintage / flats - Hammerhead / sunglasses - SM Naga City

Beyonce's song is just in time for the new season.  

Welcome Summer!

btw, the tangerine print top is for sale HERE!

This post is a kick off for my series of posts that I call: Music and Lyrics

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