Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ode to Fashionista: Lovely Lissa

I browsed my chictopia account only everytime I remember that I have an account in that site.  But through chictopia there I discovered the charm of Lissa Kahayon then I was more glad to know that she unveiled her very own blog early this year, May 5 in exact.

 This is the very first picture she posted on her blog.

She's young, so vibrant,  so transparent, so real. And her sense of style, as I described it and frankly e-mailed her about it, is - simply distinctive, perfectly feminine and brilliantly flirty.

She is indeed a SCENE STEALER!
I'd like to share how she honestly and humbly answered my questions (all for the love of fashion).  I am so grateful that she basically spared me some minutes from her super busy life and took time to answer my 5 queries.  Thanks Lissa!

The Q and A:

 How do you define your style?
Lissa- very unpredictable- I can do rocker, girly, punk, tomboy, etc. :) It depends on my mood, the weather or my inspiration for the day.

What are your three essential fashion items?
Lissa- High heels, oversized earrings and a men's watch.

What will be your advice to fashion-novices?
Lissa- Confidence is key and don't follow trends. Always invest in the classics.

What makes your blog successful?
Lissa - I'm really honored you think my blog is successful. I guess when you're passionate about something, it really reflects on your work. I don't let photos pile up on my camera, I always make time to blog no matter how tired I am and I don't blog to brag or show off- what you see in my blog is the real me that I love to share with everyone.

What is your definition about FASHION, in general?
Lissa- Fashion is an expression of one's self. It speaks volumes about a person and is a reflection of who he/she is.

I so like these pics of her and David.  They look soo good together. 

Congrats  and More power Lissa!

For those who haven't known her, you'll never regret if you visit her here.

all pics via Lissa's blog

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