Saturday, September 10, 2011

08-11 Travelogue Part One: Dumaguete

As far as my memory serves me, the last time I stepped on the lands of Dumaguete City was hmmm-- five or six years ago?, which was only an overnight stay, hence, no beautiful memories to reminisce.  Anyway, without a single plan of visiting our relatives in Dumaguete, especially my sick uncle, like a flash thunder, off we went to Dumaguete!
 Here's what took place to this what we called "surprise attack" adventure -- lol.  

My bracelet souvenir, another addition to my collection of bracelets from provincial trips.

We travelled by land which took us almost 5 hours to reach the city.  It was land, sea, land trip.  My heart got exhausted since I was seated at the front passenger seat and was always scared most of the time.

We were so starved  on our way to the city center.  It was almost 9 pm, quite a late dinner.  We dropped by Mooon Cafe at the Robinson's Mall.

 wearing this outfit during the travel to the city:
printed silk long-sleeves - vintage; stripe cami - NCCC Mall; my favorite black twill shorts - random; fuchsia platforms - Crocs, Singapore, black watch - Nike; pink purse - Animob

Have you tasted Secret drink @ Mooon Cafe?  and saw that silver beetle, really cute

 inside my niece's room (she's just eleven) - where we slept overnight

Touring around Dumaguete City

 We went to this resort called Bahura at Dauin Negros Oriental, few kilometers outside Dumaguete.

 wearing: striped candy dress worn as skirt - bazaar; magenta top - random; denim vest with floral embroideries - thrifted; fuchsia platforms - Crocs, Singapore; pink cloche - G. Fiesta, black watch - Nike

I am into hats lately, so I am sharing to you what I have read about a certain type of hat.

Fashion Lesson:
What is a CLOCHE?

An iconic fashion statement in the roaring 1920s, cloches which form fitting hats are a staple accessory in any woman’s wardrobe. Named after the French word for “bell”, the cloche flatters any fashion style, from casual to formal. Perfect for shielding your eyes from the sun with their sloped brim, the straw bell-shaped cloche is a great way to keep cool on a warm afternoon. Knitted or sewn cloches provide an added touch of style for the winter, at the same time keeping you insulated against the chilly wind.

and by the way,
 Have you been to Dumaguete City?

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