Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ode to Levi's and to my Mom

This post is a thanksgiving for my mom! 
Thanks for the large shirt which i wore as a dress and to the Levi's handy travel bag. 

Yesterday was the very f1rst day of January 2011, and as usual, my family went for a stroll (less shopping this time) at SM since we cannot decide where to go aside from the malls.

We went to Powerbooks and scanned through the pages of our favorite reads.
My dad was reading on sports (tennis) books and my mom on cookbooks.
I flipped through again the famous JM books. For now, i want to be so addicted to John Maxwell's thoughts.  But i do not want to afford yet his books. For the meantime, as i am saving, i'm now following his blog.

cinched blouse with retro prints - gifted by mom
black stretch belt - gifted by sis from Singapore
red flats - bought in Shanghai, China
black bundle-beaded bracelet - Aizilym
black with red details Levi's bag - gifted by mom

How was January 1st 2011?

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