Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bijoux 2010 at Shangri-la

The streets on my way to work is filled with vertical streamers shouting
 for Bijoux Cebu 2010 at the Shangri-la. 
Without hesitation, we did not pass the Sunday that was (September 19, 2010) to enjoy Green Jewelry and at the same time sightsee the famed and posh resort and spa in Mactan.

f.y.i. by definition bijoux refers to delicate trinkets

my mom bought a table runner and 6 pieces placemats made of these native materials


on me:
magenta dressy top with black mesh and chocolate cotton tiers from 138
my favorite vintage black twill shorts underneath
chocolate tie-up flats with gold details from So Fab
black Fila sling bag
native necklace with outsized wooden pendants from Gaisano Country Mall

my Bijoux 2010 find:
necklace with pendants in various materials, colors and designs bought for Php 100
Do you feel delight in wearing native, green trinkets?

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