Sunday, September 12, 2010

i Travel - Bohol

We had a short vacation in the province of my dad and mom - Bohol! last September 21-22, 2010.  Another late post, again.
I was most excited to finally see and have a feel of our home sweet home there.  It has to be fully furnished yet but I find the house a very serene,cool place to rest and relax, away from the 'psycho-stress' here in the city. It was a fun-filled weekend, being able to bond with relatives and to experience a green-blue weekend.

a view of Bohol from the ship

on me:
thrifted grey long-sleeve hoodie dress with plaid tiers
black textured leggings
yellow/tan Crocs thong slippers

the miraculous Birhen sa Kalooy
(the Mother Mary statue has outgrown from an ordinary shell that was found by a fisherman)

I was wearing this outfit for a barbeque dinner at the Poblacion Park.
on me:
white lace tank top underneath an oversized embroidered black cover-up tied in front
black textured leggings underneath my black twill shorts

We went to the local beach the following Sunday morning.  My mom, nieces and nephews went for a short swimming session.

on me:
purple floral maxi dress with lace trimimings
cropped long-sleeve denim jacket
yellow/tan Crocs thong slippers

we took home some fresh-from-the-seas crab for Php 100 per kilogram
and cooked them with a little water and sea salt
poor crabbies...

and saw this cute but somewhat scary kitten outside the kitchen, what's this kitten thinking? tsk tsk tsk

Have you been to Bohol?

I had a Fashion Experiment during this travel:

3 ways to wear a 
1.) as hair-tie 2.) to cover the entire hair 3.) to cover the forehead and a portion of the hair

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