Saturday, September 4, 2010

Color Coordination - Red + Black

I admit that I have like taken a really long break from 'dressing-up'. 
Maybe that fact had driven me (subconsciously) to give birth to  
which was like seven months ago 
(sad fact but a-ok: just had my first two followers this week!).  
Anyway, I can feel now that I am in the mood to revive the 'C' in my fashion advocacy.  
C = color coordination.  
I always love to be matchy-matchy in a minimalist way, most of the time.  
But somethimes i go head to foot monochromatic.  
Here are samplers of my revivified fashion sense.  
I added some thrift finds to my outfits.
( f.y.i.  I go ecstatic with hauling, thrifting, vintage-tripping and the like)
Aside  from color matching, i am also particular on the details of my clothes and shoes.

 on me:
red lace camisole
Island 1521 red babydoll dress
thrifted cropped jacket with skull-designed micro studs
canvas silver-studded rubber flats
necklaces: with heart pendant (bought in carbon for Php 20 but sold in one of the accessory kiosks in Ayala Mall for Php 120) and leaf pendant (bought for Php 80 pesos in 138 but sold in Ayala for Php 250)

on me
thrifted floral shift dress in red and black tulip prints
black sheer cropped cardigan with black rosettes 
red flats with micro black polka dots bought in Shanghai, China

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