Friday, July 21, 2017

Color Style Equation: Black + White = Pink

As we identify our personal style, we also realized that we have propensities to certain hues from the color wheel.  With my strong and consistent favoritism to the classic color combination of black and white and the color that best represent Barbie - pink, I segregated my #OOTD collection wearing Black & White + Pink and created a new blog.

The new blog that unfolded last year was dedicated to my overwhelming love for the color combination of black and white and the various shades and tints of pink.  These colors are definitely obvious mostly with my daily style and even with my choice of stuff for home use, school or office use.

The photos in this post are all past #OOTD's and you can see the detailed posts in the new blog with a name that likens to a color equation:

My color style preference would either be in the following:

1. Hints of Black and White with Plain bold black or plain bold white
2. Head-to-Toe monochromatic in Black and White
3. Head-to-Toe in similar shades or tints of pink
4. Head-to-Toe mix of the shades and tints of pink
5. Melange of black and white with obvious hints of any shade or tint of pink

Which color palette do you love or see yourself regularly wearing?
Black and White?
Black and White + Pink?

Live in style, every day!

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