Sunday, June 19, 2016

i Travel - Hong Kong 2015

This travel diary is so last year.  Hope you enjoy the photos I am posting.  Let these photos entice you to plan a trip to discover and explore the world-class lifestlye of Hong Kong, where east meets the west.

 It was almost lunch time after we checked in at Silka Seaview Hotel in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.  The first stop in our day 1 itinerary was to have lunch at Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine.

 And so we were successful in discovering the Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, we did have a healthy full meal at the themed restaurant.  

You can see the feature HERE in my food blog.

 Next in the list, was SNOOPY'S WORLD.  But to get there, we must enter through Sha Tin New Town Plaza Shopping Mall.  

So happy to have finally found SNOOPY's WORLD!
Opened in 2000, Snoopy’s World (or sometimes also referred as Snoopyland) is situated on the third floor of the Sha Tin New Town Plaza Shopping Mall.  

 What was great about this attraction was the FREE ADMISSION!  So if you love Snoopy and his friends, better be sure to explore this themed attraction when you visit Hong Kong.
Click the link HERE to see more photos of Snoopy's World.

Going to and fro Snoopy's World is by the MTR railway system of Hong Kong.  It is rather the most convenient and most affordable and fastest mode of transportation both for tourists and the locals travelling around Hong Kong group of islands.

Next in the list was the Tsim Sha Tsui area, where a number of tourist attractions are situated.

 I always love capturing the double-deck buses of Hong Kong,  I especially love the matte gold colored buses.

 Endless constructions in Hong Kong, as seen behind the focal point of my photos.  See below how cleanly they covered the unsightly appearance of some ground constructions.

Hong Kong is a fashion haven.  

So the people in Hong Kong do know how to embrace fashion.

 Despite being able to have set my foot on this same ground and background several times, I still want to take my photograph here during my every visit in Hong Kong.

 The famous statue of Bruce Lee in the Avenue of the Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui.

 This is my form of selfie.

When in Hong Kong, you should never go to bed early.  Life still goes on, more hyperactively, at night in the streets and shopping districts of Hong Kong.

 Ladies Market in Mongkok.  This is one of my favorite shopping destinations in the city since there is this one particular stall there that sells uber affordable but trendy and stylish clothing for female market.

 We enjoyed playing with the kittens in Cafe de Kitten.  

Click HERE for the feature in my food blog.

 A Japanese dinner in Hong Kong.  See more about it HERE from my food blog.

This is the main reason why I travelled to Hong Kong last year.

Photos taken at Hong Kong International Airport (T1).

See you next time, Hong Kong.

Travel, and Live in style, everyday!

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