Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year Introspection

It's 2016! Happy New Year to all!
This is my very first post for the new year.  And just like almost everyone else, I am sharing my thoughts of what may seem like a list of to-do's, a brief introspection for the year or simply calling it as new year resolutions.

There's not much to rant for the new year.  My list is as brief as my patience in composing this post. By which, the word Patience, would be number one on my list.

Yes, I need more dose of this.  The past few years of my adulthood had transformed me into somebody with less than a tablespoon of forbearance.
2016 is the best year to further cultivate stoicism.  And this being said, I have to try the hardest.

There are "things" where I manifest audacity, but there are more instances, where trepidation overwhelms me.  Courage, in 2016 should not just be a word in the dictionary, but something that I have to engulf and tote night and day.

I am not talking about the song, but the title of the song delineates my third and last new year to-do.
Yes, I have to learn to let go...let go of a lot of "rubbish" and even those pragmatic pursuits.
I have opened my mind to the idea that "there's more to life when we unlearn leeching".  I need not expound further because I will not limit the possibilities of what I can still relinquish fluidly.

What I Wore:
black "Love" top - Love Moschino // lace + chiffon blazer - Cyecle // wide leg pants - G. Main Department Store // "Flamingo" sandals - Katie Judith @ I.T Hong Kong // bag - Louis Vuitton gifted by my aunt // twisted silver stretch belt - G. Country Mall Department Store // sunglasses - SM Kids Department Store


Live in style, every day!

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