Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bangkok Diary 10-2014: Day 4 - Park in Siam

It was Day 4 of our Bangkok escapade a year ago.  

We woke up a bit earlier since the first place to see / visit in our itinerary for the day is Hello Kitty House (Cafe) Bangkok.  If you could just imagine my oozing excitement that time.  F.Y.I. - despite being in my third decade in this lifetime, I am a big, big fan of Hello Kitty!  But, unfortunately, we were too early and the cafe opens only by 10:00.  To kill the waiting time, we stroll around the nearby shops, which were also closed, and we ended up to a  mini greenery within the city.

We discovered an almost unpeopled and not so spacious place, which looked like of a park.  We read a something from that sort of neat graffiti, and we were confirmed that it was indeed a park, as the signage read Park Of Siam. In my opinion, the park is not a famous tourist attraction but somehow an avenue for the locals for morning daily warm-ups and unwind after a day's sedentary work at their offices.

Khao Mo, which translates as Mythical Escapism, is a reflective sculptural work by Sanitas Studio by the artist Sanitas Pradittasnee , an outdoor installation of her masterpiece as displayed here at the Park of Siam.

What I Wore:
top - Kirin Kirin at Alabang Town Center / twill shorts - Chic Vintage / neon belt - Primadonna / platforms - Kay (Hong Kong) - sunglasses - G. Country Mall Department Store / sling bag - Desigual / earrings - ColorStone

Travel and Live in style, everyday!

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