Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Sneak Peek to My Shoe Fetish

Latest count as of this posting: 40++ pairs of shoes, of all sorts.  
I have to give out and dispose necessarily some pairs hence a little above 40 is left for me.
But do not expect much for high-heeled ones.  I do not collect shoes.  Because in my a opinion, a collection is something for keeps and not something that one will frequently or occasionally use.  I am a lover of shoes, except for those beyond 3 inches in height.  I love all sorts of shoe style, color, and texture, except again for that high heels.

Showcasing here my shoe fetish.  My shoes deserve some little exposure. :)
We have only one pair of feet, why need a lot of shoes? I just can't stop from buying as I want  my outfits to complement well and that of course, include the footwear.
I believe that the shoes does not just complete but define a certain outfit or a certain look one would want to pull off.  

I am a number one fan of flats, as they are my everyday choice of footwear.

I love embellishments, not just in clothes, but of course, also in SHOES!

My Style Tip:
You don't need to have really expensive shoes just to look good, as long you pair the right clothes with the right shoes, and you'll look not just fine but chic as well.

If you've been following this blog, you would already know that I like POLKA DOTS.  And I am so happy to have found this treasure!  And it is a wedge.  Sad though, since I have to sell this pair since the height gives me quite discomfort. 

I love the winter season. Why? So that I can "legally" wear boots! :)

I also have an eye for pumps, mary janes and hybrid shoes!

Gold and Silver, the colors of elegance. They must be felt, not just seen.  See these shoes are full of texture.

I am eyeing on platforms too!
and those shoes with a little drama, like my green boots with fringe.

This is one of my hybrid shoes: MARY JANE + D'ORSAY in kitten heels

Having too many shoes maybe quite disadvantageous, primarily because we have only one pair of feet and we can only wear them one at a time.  Some may be left unused hence they may self-destruct with longer storage.  And say bye-bye to the lovely pair or pairs. 
My piece of advice: Routinely use our shoes as often as possible, if you just can.

And Oh, who says  I don't love wedge? I certainly do! They help add my height and they're comfortable to wear.

I am recently into sneakers and I intentionally remove the shoelaces so that I can easily wear them.  In gold and silver colors, they're my latest likes.

My most recent pair of satin pointed flats in fuchsia plus those faux diamond embellishment. I so love this pair.

How many pairs do you own?

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