Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashion Experiment: Neon Nails and Floral Overdose

 I am not the type who goes after for trends.  Unbeknown to me, most of the time, I wear something - may it be a top, a shoe or a nail polish color - that is a 'happening' trend.  I am always caught telling myself, "oh, this is the trend now?"
An example:  July 10, 2011 - changed my nail polish color from alternating transparent yellow and orange to alternating NEON Pink and NEON Yellow
And as I  have just read a fashion inspiration post from Forever 21 Blog, their July 11, 2011 post was on Color Story: Notorious in Neon

and there's quite an overdosing of flowers here...
wearing: black floral top with belt - vintage; floral shorts - G. Metro; black leggings - random; sunglasses - Forever XXI, Bangkok; black watch - Nike

remember this post?

 I started this Fashion Experiment a month ago:
Alternating Nail Polish Color
a choice of my TWO fave-of-the-moment COLORS.  

Have you tried doing this to your nails?

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