Monday, April 25, 2011

Top TEN Checklist for Summer

This may be too late to ask:
Are you ready for summer?

Here's the Top TEN Fashion Favorites for Spring-Summer 2011

1. White Shirt - I have to see if they still exist in my closet

2. Floral Prints - Check! Have lots of these

3. Seventies Flared Pants 
Ooops, I'm not a fan

4. Maxi Dress - Check! Check!

5. Platform Sandals 
Love this, Check again! I'm even planning to buy a new pair for summer

6. Leather Jacket - zero...

7. Preppy Cardigan - I have cardigans, but I'm not into the preppy image

8. Something Bright, Something Nude
Like and love anything bright,

 but nude? exclusively for undies

9. Denim - Check! I am a supra-aficionada of this fashion material

10. Jumpsuits - I've never thought of these, but I have rompers

I have identified my list, so do check if your pretty ready for the season.

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