Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion Experiment on 10-10-10

Will we still be alive on the next 10-10-10? 
Definitely it's a big NO. 
And while we are still alive, let's savor every minute, thinking always of our loved ones and thanking God for all abundant blessings. 
My day today is just another ordinary Sunday, 
but I did not pass the chance to capture 'me' today.

Fashion Experiment:

"Boudoir" is a French for a woman's bedroom or private chambers, but when we use the term in fashion, it refers to to clothes that are inspired by corsets, pajamas and racy lingerie, and this trend suggests a kind of saucy chic. -Instyle magazine June 2009 -

and my version...

wearing this to White Gold Club earlier this morning:
Chicabooti striped in b/w tee with polka dot bow - gifted by sis from Sydney, Australia
fuchsia plaid pajamas - SM
studded black canvas rubber flats
silver embellished accessory earrings

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