Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fashion Window Display and Street Fashion

Here's what I gathered from my weekend visits at SM Cebu from June 20 - July 10, 2010. 
---Window displays and 'stylistas' in the mall ---

 E.S.P.A.D.A. June 20, 2010
E.S.P.A.D.A. June 30, 2010
up-close op EP
Promod - July 30, 2010
CMG - June 30, 2010
Korean 'bootie' couple (they wore same kind of boots)
I bet she's at her late 40's, but she's mad about plaid
-June 20, 2010-
Grey dresses and flip-flops is all that matters
-June 30, 2010-
 utterly tierred, from white to red, with pink in between
 -July 10, 2010-

my Felicity gold round-toe flats and my mom's Crocs

June 20, 2010 - early dinner at Pizza Hut
June 30, 2010 - early dinner at Pizza Hut Bistro
July 10, 2010 - still early dinner with a Variety Bucket at KFC
on me:
-June 20, 2010-
thrifted black vest with lace details; two-tone paper-thin top; Dickies skinny denim; black Nike watch; necklace with 'D' pendant; Fila sling; berry Cyprus Crocs (not seen on pic)

these photos were taken via Nokia E63 and my Canon camera

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